“I have conducted business with Daryl Hillman since 1978, and have been involved as a partner for nearly a decade. In all that time, I have appreciated his motivation in identifying, valuing and negotiating to acquire investment properties. He has studied and continues to upgrade both his financial and management abilities which compliment his people skills that are the cornerstone of long term real estate practices. When investment horizons are measured in decades rather than days, months or even years; it is important that all parties find comfort in these types of business relationships – that is exactly what Daryl brings to the table – every time. His high ethical and moral conduct round out a very trustworthy character.”

Randy Preece AACI, P APP (Ret), FRI, President, Preece Industries Ltd.


“I have found that investing in real estate projects with Daryl Hillman has consistently provided me with very good returns secured by real estate and with the added benefit of capital growth. It has helped secure the retirement which for me is quickly approaching. Thank You.”

– Craig T


“It’s a jungle out there, and many firms and individuals are eager to separate us from our hard-earned money. Very few of us are experts at researching investment opportunities, yet we are all looking for that better-than-average return on our investment. Many legitimate firms can provide us with secure investment opportunities, but many of those cannot provide the returns we hope to achieve. A cautious path is the best to choose when looking into any new investment opportunity. Using a very cautious approach I invested in two Sundance properties in 2006 and 2007. From the outset these properties outperformed 90% of my other investments, including other real estate – orientated projects. These projects are long term investments, suited to individuals who wish to find a secure nest for their capital and then get on with other activities of life. Think of these as you would blue-chip, dividend-paying stock investments; they are a means of enhancing your retirement and providing a nest egg for you and your family. I believe Daryl Hillman and the team are a rare combination of integrity with solid in-depth intelligence of real estate market and investment opportunities. I would readily recommend investing in their projects. “

– Roger Taylor, Kodybear Enterprises Inc. 



Daryl R. Hillman, CCIM, SEC

President and author of the ‘Cash Flow Solution’, Daryl Hillman possesses over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry as an investor and acquisition specialist. Daryl is well known in the community for his integrity, creativity and strong relationships. Clients, business associates and investors have been working with Daryl for the duration of his career. Daryl enjoys creating opportunity and allowing for those around him to benefit from his knowledge and acquisition expertise. The success Daryl has been a part of in the past is what he strives to create for the future of Legacy Communities.

Vice President


Denise Lester

With a career in property management and real estate spanning two decades, Denise bought Sundance Realty & Management Inc, in 2009. As the broker/owner, she built Sundance Realty into a successful real estate company, specializing in commercial property management. In 2019 Legacy purchased the company to ensure the control of the management of their properties, with a proven, cutting edge management system. This allowed Denise the ability to embrace her new role as Vice-President. Denise continues to oversee Sundance Realty as the managing broker. Alongside Daryl, Denise works on each acquisition while overseeing all operations of Legacy Communities. The strength and skills added to Legacy as a result of Denise’s unique knowledge makes her an invaluable asset to the company.


Kristi Howard Fisher

Born and raised on a farm in Alberta, Kristi is deep rooted in hard work and commits herself whole heartedly towards any task. Much knowledge and experience has been gained in the business world; specifically in finance, investing, marketing, consulting and compliance. Kristi’s past role with Legacy Communities in business development and customer relations, was very beneficial to the growth of the Company. Her past involvement with the day to day operations of the Company give her special insight while serving on the board of directors.


Bert Eggink, BSC, CAD

Since 2007, Bert Eggink has been President and Owner of Pearl Rose Construction Ltd (PRC). Bert delivers prime-contracting services to central Alberta from design to completion, and everything in between including: construction management, integrated project-delivery and public/private partnerships. PRC’s projects span from under $1k to over $13mm specializing in the commercial, retail, multi-family, health-care, education, community provincial/municipal, and infrastructure sectors. With 15 years of consulting and management experience, Bert’s passion to find opportunity through creative thinking and problem solving has been prevalent. Bert’s ability to think outside the box and see connections where others would not has added tremendous value to Legacy’s Board of Directors.


Hessel Kielstra

Hessel Kielstra carries a strong reputation and offers a wide range of expertise and experience
in the business community. Vyefield Enterprises is a multi-faceted private company owned and managed by the Kielstra family. Vyefield’s corporate head office is located in Calgary Alberta and since the age of 18 Hessel has run the family business. Mr. Kielstra carries some experience in the field of development and is the President of several private companies. Currently, Hessel is the vice chair of Dordt College in Iowa which has about 1400 students – this is one of many boards Mr. Kielstra has been on. Legacy believes the qualifications and experience held by Mr. Kielstra to be a vital part of the decision-making process and success that Legacy strives to achieve for all parties, clients and directors involved.


Don Stewart

Don is an expert when it comes to connecting people with opportunity. For the last 17 years, Mr. Stewart’s company has brought people together where opportunity matches interest. Searching out talent, funds, products, services, angel investors, advisors or venture capitalists are among some of the synergies Talent Acquisition Management LLC creates. Alberta has been home for the majority of Don’s life with the exception of post secondary education in the USA resulting in a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Community Development. Through Don’s life long career in education, sales, marketing, training & recruitment great value and wisdom is added to Legacy.

Partners – Affiliates – Advisors



Transfer Agent & Registrar

Computershare is a world leader in financial administration. It has a large global footprint, as it is located in 20 countries providing it with the scale to maintain robust compliance, audit, risk, and business-continuity planning. Founded in 1978, Computershare is renowned for its expertise in high-integrity data management, high-volume transaction processing & reconciliations, payments, and stakeholder engagement. Computershare is currently the registrar for Legacy Communities common shares. They also handle all treasury issuance requests for the company. Self-directed accounts such as RRSP’s and TFSA’s are provided to clients through Computershare so they can invest with registered funds.

Mah O'Neill

Mah O'Neill

Accounting Firm

Mah O’Neill Chartered accounting practice has over 20 years of experience, specializing in strategic tax planning, corporate mergers and acquisitions. Mah O’Neill serves in both public and private sectors to achieve comprehensive, flexible strategies to ensure that well-organized financial records are prepared to so that business operations run efficiently.
Sundance Realty

Sundance Realty

Property Management

Sundance Realty believes the first step to successful investment management is putting the interests of clients before its own.  With over 30 years of experience in buying, selling, joint venturing, syndicating, and asset management in commercial real estate, Legacy can be sure of the quality of the expertise provided. Sundance is heavily involved in the acquisition and due- diligence process, providing cutting-edge knowledge to better manage the properties in Legacy’s portfolio. Legacy has a long-standing relationship with Sundance. All of the current properties held in the Legacy portfolio are managed by Sundance Realty.
Sully Chapman Beattie, LLP

Sully Chapman Beattie, LLP

T. Kent Chapman, Real Estate Lawyer

Sully Chapman Beattie LLP is a boutique law firm specializing in areas of law commonly associated with that of a Solicitor. Legacy Communities seeks the advice of T. Kent Chapman who possesses many years of experience in corporate law, commercial law, real estate, commercial leasing, wills and estate planning and estate administration. Mr. Chapman specifically handles conveyancing and joint ventures for Legacy Communities. Kent was born in raised in Red Deer, Alberta and is well known in the community, as he is a charter member of the Piper Creek Optimist Club, which is dedicated to serving the youth.

“I believe we can accomplish what has previously taken 30 years and achieve that within the next 3-5 years. This is my calling, to provide opportunity for others that would have only been a dream for me so long ago.”

– Daryl R. Hillman

**The ‘History Portofolio’ has many examples of the past success that Daryl Hillman has had inside of the Commercial Real Estate Industry. These properties are held outside of the Legacy Portfolio.**


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